Finding the best Cuban Sandwiches and Stuffed Crabs in Tampa Florida

Cuban Sandwiches and Stuffed Crabs are delicious cuban dishes that can generally only be found in Tampa, Florida. The cuban sandwiches consist of pressed cuban bread filled with ham and cheese and a pickle. Stuffed potatoes consist of a beef center surrounded by potato that is deep fried. They are one of a kind and once you have them you only want more.

Because of its large cuban population, Tampa Florida is a great place to find this wonderful and unique dish although other south florida cities also have restaurants that serve them.

I have collected a list of the best restaurants to get "cuban sandwiches and stuffed potatoes" in Tampa Florida. I am sure there are other places than what I have listed but the restaurants below are a good start and all have a reputation for good quality cuban food.


Brocato's Sandwich Shop - 5021 E Columbus Dr, Tampa - (813) 248-9977

La Tropicana Cafe - 1822 E 7th Ave, Tampa - (813) 247-4040

Roberto's Latin Cafe - 5232 S Macdill Ave, Tampa, FLę - (813) 839-6388

La Teresita Restaurant - 3246 W Columbus Dr, Tampa, FL - (813) 879-4909 (my personal favorite)

Carmine's Seventh Avenue - 1802 E 7th Ave, Tampa - (813) 248-3834

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