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There are a several types of reflective delineators. They vary in size, color and brightness but all serve to keep people and property safe from harm.

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Reflective Delineators

By definition, delineators consist of light retroreflecting devices mounted on posts, guardrails, or barriers at the roadside, in series, to indicate the roadway alignment. Delineators are effective aids for night driving and foul weather and are to be considered as guidance devices rather than warning devices.

Delineators are used all over the country to mark and separate opposing traffic or any two objects that are not intended to come together. For example, a yellow delineator may mark one side of a pull through on a divided highway and a green will mark the other thus letting people know that the area may be potentially dangerous and to watch for other cars. Their purpose is to call attention to danger areas so that they can be avoided thus preventing injury from an impact. By far the most common color is yellow and the most common sizes are 6" x 12" or 4" x 8". The markers are also available in green and white.

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