Insuring for your Apple Iphone 3g 2g / Mobile Wireless Smartphone PDA Insurance

One of the big problems with purchasing the Apple Iphone Smartphone PDA from AT&T is the lack of insurance availablilty. Until recently AT&T did not offer insurance on any of its Smartphones / PDA's but they have recently begun offering insurance on all PDA's and wireless phones except the Iphone. This is the main reason that I have not purchased one for myself. I have used my mobile phone insurance on several occasions over the years and have become quite fond of having it. The thought of having an Iphone with a $600 replacement cost and no insurance is enough to steer me away to other PDA's that can be insured.

There are a few options for Iphone users in regards to insurance against theft and accidental damage. Number one would be to add your phone to the policy you have on your home. You can often have devices such as laptops and pda's added to your policy for $5 - $50 per year depending on your deductable. The same thing applies to renters insurance.

If you have a small business and have a business policy that policy normally covers business equipment so you may want to see if you can add a business phone such as an Iphone to the policy and get a special deductible on it.

Also, some American Express Cards give you the benefit of doubling the warranty on purchases. They also cover purchases against theft and accidental damage for 90 days. I have personally used this protection on one occassion and was paid $800 by American Express for a guitar that I had used my American Express to purchase that was subsequently destroyed in a storm.

Lastly, check in to Apples Service Plan. It does not cover accidental damage but it does provide other benefits that may be worth looking into.

If these options do not work out you can either self insure or simply purchase another PDA that is insurable and be done with it. I did the latter.

UPDATE - the Iphone is now insurable through Squaretrade and

Steve Cole

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