SOLAS Marine Tape - Application on a Sailboat

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This is a story written by a customer to describe the value of SOLAS tape when used on a small sailboat.

July 9th, 2006

“The wind is getting stronger!” Ben called over the howling storm.

“I know but we have to get across the bay and reach the hotel! It’ll take 2 hours to walk through the swamp and there is no telling what kind of wildlife we may encounter on the way. Then we still have to find a place to stay!” Ben’s brother, George, yelled. And I don't want to leave the boat here unprotected. The storm may destroy her. Fine, said George. Have it your way.

Ben shined the flashlight toward the boat and the mast and railing lit up bright white. It was then that Ben remembered the SOLAS tape they had applied to the mast and railing. George had climbed the mast and put strips on both sides while Ben applied the tape to the railing. At least if we have to be rescued we'll be easy to spot, George said. Don't talk that way, Ben laughed. We will be fine.

They set sail and the wind carried them toward their destination rather quickly. George had estimated that they would be at the hotel within an hour. Darkness engulfed the boat as they sailed on.

Everything was going smoothly. They tried to stay close to land so it wouldn’t take so long. Suddenly, the wind started blowing from the east, pushing them toward the land too fast. The boat could only go so deep! The boat hit the sand hard and it immediately heeled on its side. The brothers closed the hatches and put out anchors into deeper water to keep the boat from washing into even shallower water.

They were not happy campers as they waded to shore.

“This is horrible!” Ben cried.

“I know.” George agreed. They sulked on the beach while the rain made them shrivel up like oversized raisins.

“Anyway to use the radio inside the boat?”

“Ruined by water.”

“Any civilization nearby.”

“None, just beach and swamp.”

“Will the rain stop soon.”

“Unlikely, it will most likely get worse before it gets better.”

They sat still once again thinking of the horrible fate spilled upon them.

“We should have seen this coming. Why didn’t you listen when I told you this was a bad idea!” George asked blaming Ben.

“I’m very sorry I should have known better,” he said overdoing the sarcasm. He knew George was only joking.

A helicopter flew overhead startling them. The SOLAS tape shined like the sun. The helicopter must have seen it for he stopped for a second.

“Woh! Look at the tape! It’s really bright!” Ben exclaimed. “That stuff really works.”

All of a sudden, a large rescue boat with blinking red lights appeared and a loud voice rang out, “Survivers on the beach please stay there. We will be there momentarily. In no time they were on the rescue boat. The brothers were taken to their hotel.

“I love SOLAS tape!” George shouted happily.

“Yeah,” Ben agreed while he yawned. “We’ll have quite an outrageous story to tell when we get home.” George nodded, turned off the lights, and they both fell asleep.

Thanks for the SOLAS tape! You’re a life saver.

- George and Ben Lynson

Click Here for more information on SOLAS Tape including how to order it.

Click Here for Engineer and High Intensity Glass Bead Type Reflective Tapes

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