Create your own power by building your own wind powered generator.

Is it possible to build and erect a wind powered generator in your own yard and provide your own power? The answer is a simple YES. Many people have built power producing wind mils and many more will as energy prices soar out of control. The real question is, "should I try to provide my own power"? The answer to that question depends on several factors. First, if you can get on the grid and purchase power from a power company it is almost always cheaper to do so. Secondly, you need to determine if winds are sufficient to support wind power generation. In general you will need winds that are steadily in the 5-15 mpg range. I say steady because when the wind is calm there will be no power and unless you set up a battery backup or some other alternate power source your power supply will be erratic which is not the goal. Here is a website that will help you determine the average winds in your area. click here

Lastly, you need an area on your property where you can erect a rather tall tower and you should be as close as possible to the area that you want the power to go to. If the wind mill is too far from the intended usage area then larger wires will have to be run from the generator which will substantially increase costs.

What about solar power? Solar power has always been a popular source of power but when the sun is not shining the wind is usually still blowing. This makes wind powered electricity a great addition or alternative to solar power. In some rural areas wind power or solar is the only power available.

Most home shops already have the majority of the tools necessary to build a wind generator. For those who prefer a short cut there are many kits on the market that are in many cases ready to erect. Kits are available in several stages of completion. Obviously, the more you plan to do yourself the more tools you will need. Here is a link to some free Wind Turbine Plans.

Here is a great site with an unbelievable amount of information on wind power generation. They have free plans, parts, turnkey kits etc.. You can spend weeks learning more about this subject.

Steve Cole

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