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The following articles are written to assist you in marketing your business. We will be covering a variety of business types and although some of the steps will be the same, each article is directed toward a specific business type. The reason for this is that no two business types can be marketed exactly the same. Some are localized, some are regional and some are national or worldwide. Some target end users, some target distributors or retailers. These and other factors necessitate a specific marketing plan for each business. To keep the process simple and easy to implement I have used a step by step approach. I hope you will find the guides or articles logical and practical.

If your business is not listed below but you see a similar business then the steps would most likely apply to your business as well. If there is a business that we have not covered please email me at and I can write an article covering that business.

List of Articles on Marketing Your Business

Marketing your Parking Lot Striping Business - Step by step guide to marketing your parking lot / line striping business.
Marketing your Carpet Cleaning Business - Step by step guide to marketing your Carpet Cleaning business.

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