Informational Articles on Preformed Thermoplastic Lines, Legends, Letters, Numbers and Symbols.

Private Parking Lots, like roads, often require words, numbers or symbols on the pavement to relay important informational messages to drivers and pedestrians. Words like NO PARKING, STOP, FIRE LANE, SLOW, BUMP, LOADING ZONE, ENTER, EXIT are just a few examples. In factory environments there are many more logos needed for both safety and direction.

Paint is often used to create these markings. Paint would seem to be the simplest method for marking asphalt or cement surfaces, however, the downside to this is that paint generally only lasts a year or so or even less in high traffic areas. Also, expensive stencils and complicated paint sprayers are needed to apply the words or logo.

Our preformed thermoplastic melt down letters, numbers and symbols are an alternative to paint with several important advantages. Melt down thermoplastic can out last paint up to 7-10 times depending on traffic flow. Melt down thermoplastic letters and legends allow you to apply your symbols once instead of 7-10 times. Also, no contractor is needed to apply melt down letters. Anyone can apply the thermoplastic using a broom or blower and a simple propane hand torch. Application involves preheating a cleaned surface, laying down the letters and then continuing to heat until a nice bond is achieved. The preformed thermoplastic letters will cool and be ready for traffic in a matter of minutes. Thermoplastic letters or symbols are also reflective meaning that they are clearly visible at night as well as in the daytime.

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