Just recently, I went to Teen Extreme Camp at Pensacola Christian College. The camp offered many fun activities and things to do. I never felt bored and was always busy and on my feet. Some of the activities were:

∑ Rock climbing
∑ Swimming
∑ The Water park
∑ Ice skating
∑ In-line skating
∑ Bowling
∑ Volleyball
∑ Tetherball
∑ Wallyball
∑ Ping-pong
∑ Paintball

There were teenagers who flew in or drove from all across the United States. Some came from as far as California and even the Bahamas. Teens came as individuals, with a friend, and some with their church groups. Anyone from 7th grade to 12th grade is allowed (having completed 6th grade). College students volunteered to be leaders and helped all the campers during the activities.

I found the campus to be very nice and clean, and not too large to walk from place to place. The dorms were spacious and provided plenty of room to store personal items. Some bathrooms were private and others joined between rooms. In each room were two bunk beds, two large dressers, a two way desk, and a cabinet with cubby space. There were phones in every room that could be used to call parents. Food and drinks were allowed in the rooms. Vending machines were placed at every floor (but ran out of food quickly once everyone discovered them!). The leaders stayed in separate rooms in each hall on each floor.

Here was the schedule for Tuesday through Thursday:

∑ Breakfast 8:30-9:15
∑ Morning Reflections 9:15-9:45
∑ Team Competition 9:45-10:45
∑ Service 11:00
∑ Lunch 12:00-12:45
∑ Free Time 1-5
∑ Dinner 5:15-6:15
∑ Service 6:30
∑ Free Time7:45-10:30
∑ Lights Out 11:00

All the meals were very good. There were seven buffet lines of food to choose from. All of it was unlimited and free for all campers. Coffee and hot chocolate was offered at every meal and frozen yogurts and desserts were served for lunch and dinner. The food was always fresh and everyone found something they liked.

Morning Reflections and Team Competitions were held in the Arena of the Sports Center. Morning reflections were basically like a mini service. The Team Competitions were always an exciting time. All campers were divided up into six teams. Each team competed in crazy competitions against each other for points. Campers volunteered to be part of the games.

I enjoyed all of the services. Each week a new speaker preaches, so they may vary. A Bible is needed and also a pencil and notebook for those who want to take notes.

Six hours and 45 minute of free time was offered every day. All activities were held at the Sports Center except for the pool. The pool and water park times were different for boys and girls. This was fine, because when the pool time ended campers could head straight to the water park and vice versa. Refreshments were offered at the Sports Center.

The dress code seemed a little strict, but was easy to manage. Everyone basically wore knee-length athletic shorts every day with a t-shirt. Girls had to wear a long knee-length skirt or dress to just the evening service and guys wore nice dress pants. A modest one piece bathing suit was required for girls and ankle-length wind pants for rock climbing.

Money wasnít really needed all that much except for drinks at the sports center. The campus bookstore was available, too. Money must be put on each camperís card. There is a machine in the lobby of the dorms to transfer money. Itís very important to only put money on that you know you will spend. Itís their policy to not give any refunds for money unspent. This isnít on the website. More money can always be transferred onto the card, so start off with small bills.

I had a great time at Teen Extreme Camp. There is an endless list of things to do. I encourage everybody to go!

Brittany Cole

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