Specifications and Maintenance Recommendations for Different Species of Palm Trees
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Besides their beauty, palm trees are a very tough and hearty plant. Palms and tropical plants make beautiful custom landscapes in both commercial and residential settings adding beauty and elegance to any landscape and asking very little in return. If your palms are the correct species for your temperature zone and are well established, they will need very little maintenance. To grow beautiful, healthy palm trees you need to follow three basic steps. Water, prune and fertilize. In addition to these three basic steps, you should inspect your trees on a regular basis to make sure they are healthy and disease free.

Palms are most common in Florida, California, Arizona, Texas and other southern states. The further you go south the more palm trees you will see. In areas where frost is never a problem just about all palm trees will thrive. Although mostly a warm weather plant, palm enthusiasts in locations further North can still enjoy the tropical beauty of Palms by planting "winter cold hardy" Palm Trees. The species of tree you select and the care and winter protection you provide for your Palms will determine how far North certain Palm species will survive.

We have put together a USDA Zone map and a list of cold hardy palms along with their recommended zone. You can view the map and list of cold hardy palms by clicking here.
We have written a series of articles on the "CARE & MAINTENANCE" of the different types of palm trees. The first article below is a general care guide for all palms and the subsequent articles are species specific. They are listed alphabetically :

General Care for all Palm Trees - Basic upkeep guide for all Palm Trees.

Caring for your "Phoenix Reclinata" Palm Trees - General care tips on keeping your Phoenix Reclinata (Senagal Date Palm) healthy.

Caring for your Sabal / Sable Palm Trees - General care tips on keeping your Sabal/Sable Palm Tree healthy.

Caring for your Silver Queen Palm Trees - General care tips on keeping your Silver Queen Palm Tree healthy.
The articles below list the "SPECIFICATIONS" for various popular palm trees. The information includes maximum height, diameter, growth rate, cold hardiness, crown diameter, growth zone and cost. They are listed alphabetically below :

The Phoenix Reclinata (Senegal Date Palm) - General information and specs on the Phoenix Reclinata.

The Sabal Palm Tree (Cabbage Palm) - General information and specs on the Sabal Palm.

The Silver Queen Palm Tree - General information and specs on the Silver Queen Palm.

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