Reflective Fire Hydrant Bands

reflective tape fire hydrants


Finding a fire hydrant at night and identifying its output can be critical in emergency situations. Many counties have adopted a color-coding system to assist fire fighters in identifying the size and pressure of fire hydrants. Retro-reflective tape on fire hydrants serves two important purposes. First, it is a simple way to color code the hydrant collars so that the flow rate is known. Also, it allows the hydrants to be seen from greater distances, in darkness, in inclement weather or in situations where vegetation is blocking the hydrant from clear view.

Our Reflective tapes have an adhesive back and can be applied to the hydrant without need for additional straps. It also adheres to metal or plastic banding materials.   We carry a "Flexible Engineer Grade Type 1" tape which is easy to work with and very cost effective. It has a candlepower rating of up to 75. You would normally find engineer grade tapes used on street signs, reflective lettering and stripes and car tags.   We also carry a "High Intensity Type 3" grade which is about three times brighter with a candlepower rating of up to 250.  This type of material is seen on traffic cones and road barrels.

The color-coding system is as follows:

Color of Tape Minimum GPH Maximum GPH
Blue 1500 1500 & up
Yellow 1000 1499
Orange 500 999
Red 0 499

We carry "Type 1 Engineer Grade" reflective tapes in 8 colors and several different widths. One inch tape is normally used for fire hydrants. Some of the type 1 colors can be clearly seen at up to 300 feet. We also carry the "Type 3 High Intensity Grade" tapes in 6 colors and several widths.  The type 3 tapes can be seen from up to 900 feet away depending on the color. offers a variety of reflective safety products including the Type 1 and Type 3 reflective tape for fire hydrant bands.  To see our reflective tapes as well as our other reflective products click here.  If you have any questions or would like a sample of the material you can call Steve Cole at 850-934-3157 or email me at

blue reflective tape

Blue Reflective Tape

orange reflective tape

Orange Reflective Tape

red reflective tape

Red Reflective Tape

yellow reflective tape

Yellow Reflective Tape