Using our Matte Vinyl Glass Etching Resist

The sheets of resist come in 8.5 x 12 inch sheets.  One order consists of 10 sheets.  To use the vinyl follow these simple steps:

Prepare your image file for printing.  In paint shop choose file,page setup and select your printing options. For this image I selected "fit to page"

Load the resist into your printer.  For most printers you will load it face down.

Print the image using the lightest ink setting available.  Allow the ink to dry for a few minutes.  Do not touch the image!  The matte finish on the vinyl allows it to hold ink but without a clear coat it will smudge.

Apply a heavy clear coat to the image.  Let it dry for at least 10 minutes.

Once the clear coat is dry the image should not smudge unless you really bear down on it.

Attach the resist with the backing still on to the glass you are going to etch.   In this example I used masking tape as a hinge.

Lift the resist with the backing still on and beginning at the tape peel back the wax coated backing from the adhesive vinyl.

Lower the resist towards the glass and beginning at the top by the tape smooth it onto the glass.  You can use a towel as a squeegee.  Just roll it up and as you peel the backing off run it down the vinyl so that it sticks firmly to the glass.  If you mess up you can always peel the vinyl away from the glass and start again.  This step is not difficult.

Using an exacto knife lightly cut around the image.  You don't need to bear down hard.  Go all the way around.

Starting at one edge pull the cut vinyl away from the glass.  Use your fingernail or the exacto knife to get it started.  The vinyl should peel away easily along the scored line.

Once the piece is removed you will need to take a cloth and press down the area around where the image used to be so it is firmly attached to the glass.  Now you are ready to apply your etching cream or if you wish lightly sandblast.  If you sandblast make sure you protect the area on the outside of the resist. The same applies for using etching cream.