Reflective Tape and Reflectors for Channel Markers

reflective glass beads

If you have been on the water in a boat at night you have probably noticed that many things in front of you light up when your boat lights hit them. This is because many objects on the water are overlayed with reflective tape. Both reflective tape and reflectors are used to mark objects and channels on the water. The two main colors for channel markers are green and red. You may have heard the term "red, right, when returning" meaning that as you go back into a channel that leads out of bayou or lagoon the red markers will be on the right. On the intracoastal waterway they will be on the right or left depending on which direction you are going. In any event, green always marks one side of a channel and red the other. Without navigational aids such as the reflectors it would be almost impossible to navigate at night on the water. Reflective tape can be used in other ways on the water as well. Many boat owners will use the tape on their vessels and also on docks.


Our company carries the reflective channel markers sheeted with a high intensity prismatic material for maximum night time visibility. We carry "Green and Red Reflectors". We also carry "White and Yellow Reflectors"to mark docks, seawalls and other non channel related objects. In addition, we carry an engineer grade reflective tape in red, green and several other colors. They can be seen by "Clicking Here." Finally, we carry what is called "SOLAS Reflective Tape." This is the brightest of all tapes and is made specifically for marine applications.

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