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What is School Bus Reflective Prismatic tape?

Prismatic reflective tape was invented by Reflexite 30 years ago. School Bus tape, SOLAS reflective tape along with DOT conspicuity tapes are three results of this invention. The School Bus and DOT Conspicuity tapes are about 5-6 times brighter than standard reflective tapes. Prismatic School Bus tape is not only brighter but is also visible at much greater angles than standard reflective tapes. Standard engineer grade reflective tape needs to be either in front of your headlights or about 20 degrees to either side for you to see it. Prismatic school bus tape on the other hand can be 45 degrees to either side and still light up. This feature as well as the increased brightness is especially important in school bus marking applications. Most states have requirements or recomendations regarding the marking of school buses. You should contact your local DOT office to obtain the exact requirements for your state.

Where is Yellow School Bus Tape used?

School Bus Reflective Conspicuity tape is used primarily on school buses but can be used on virtually anything that needs to be seen at night. Our school bus, solas,Dot reflective tape for tractor trailer rigs and engineer grade tapes are also popular for marking boats, RVs (recreational vehicles), off road vehicles, kayaks, dune buggys, tractor trailer rigs, garbage cans, mail boxes, tractors, heavy equipment, automobiles, bikes, motorcycles and a variety of other things that need to be seen at night.

How is School Bus Reflective Tape applied?

To apply simply peel off the backing and press firmly onto a clean dry surface. It will stick to virtually anything. It is completely waterproof and weather resistant.

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