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Single Knife Roll slitters or log slitters are used in many manufacturing processes to convert large rolls into narrower rolls. For example, a 48 inch roll of duct tape is not very useful but a roll slitter (baloney slicer) can convert this into 24 - 2" rolls in just a few minutes. If you have a roll with 300 feet of material on it and you need two 150 foot rolls or 10 - 30 foot rolls you would use a rewinder to convert the large roll to smaller rolls. Slitter-Rewinder combination machines will convert a long roll to a short roll while at the same time converting the width as well. Roll converting is in fact a very profitable business.

There are several brands of roll slitters available on the market today. There are also a variety of used and rebuilt models available. The most popular small slitter is called a single knife slitter. These are either manually or computer operated. These roll slitters normally have a single rotating blade that cuts through the roll and core. There is a powered shaft that rotates the roll as the blade slices through it. The machine is very similar to a standard lathe with the addition of a sharp rotating blade that cuts through the rotating material.

Some popular brands of rewind roll slitters are Smart Slitters (Genesis), Slitters International, Duesenbury/Dusenbery, Judelson/Judelshon, Lever, Kidder, Tidland, Schmutz, Cameron, Cooper, and ALS Slitters. These companies produce machines ranging from 600 pounds to several tons.

When slitting any material it is important that the material be wound fairly tighly on the core but not so tight as to prevent it from moving aside as the beveled blade passes through it. Also, rolls that have been sitting for a long time should be checked to make sure they are not stuck together. If the material is not able to slide out of the way as the blade passes, the machine will bog down. A simple rewind of the roll corrects this problem.

A sharp, cool blade is crucial. To keep the blade cool and lubricated most shops use a blade lubricant mixed with water that is misted onto the blade as it cuts. I use a spray bottle and spray with one hand as I operate the blade with the other hand. To keep from getting what is called angel hair edges or frayed roll edges it is important to cut through a tightly wound roll slowly to prevent the roll from slipping from too much friction and double cutting the edge. A tight roll and a slow hand prevent this. Loose or wobbly rolls combined with an impatient operator and a dull blade will create bad cuts every time.

Roll slitters have been and will always be a vital part of the rolled material industry. As long as there are rolls, there will be a demand for roll slitters.

If you need rolls slit or converted you can go to our Roll Slitting site.

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