Used or Rebuilt Roll Slitter/Rewinders For Sale
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A good quality roll slitter / rewinder is an integral part of many manufacturing processes. Roll rewinders are used to convert long rolls to shorter rolls by pulling material off of a large roll and winding it onto another core. Slitter/Rewinder combination machines convert the length AND the width of a roll at the same time. You would use a basic material rewinder to turn a 300 foot long roll into a 150 foot long roll. You would use a slitter/rewinder combo machine to turn a 300 foot x 24 inch roll into 24 - 2 inch x 150 foot rolls.

Rewinders work like this. The rewinder consists of two or more shafts that hold the roll of material to be pulled from and the roll that is being created. The receiving shaft is mounted horizontally and is powered so that it can pull material from the master roll. The operator will load the master roll onto the feeder shaft and then load a core onto the drive shaft and lock it in place. The material is fed through and glued or taped to the receiving core. The operator than engages a material counter and begins to pull from the master roll until the receiving core has the amount of material desired.

Material Slitter/Rewinders have a second component which is the blade. The blade is either like a knife or in some cases round like a roll slitter blade. The operator will set up the machine just like a rewinder but will also set up the blade so that when the material is pulled from the master roll to the receiving roll it is also cut to width. If you have ever seen pinstripes in an auto parts store, this is how they are made. Rewind Slitters are actually a little more complicated than simplex slitters that cut to the core of a roll. You would see rewind slitters used extensively in the paper or textile industry.

Rewind slitters are extremely rugged machines that can last decades if properly cared for. Also, if parts are available, old slitter rewinders can be refurbished to be just like new ones.

If you need rolls slit or converted you can go to our Roll Slitting site.

Since new rewinder slitters can be incredibly expensive, we have compiled some sources for used rewind slitters. Here they are :

Benick Machine Works - Great Source for used or rebuilt slitters and rewinders.

Converting Equipment Company - Plenty of used and rebuilt rewinders and slitters.

ALS Slitters Website - Manufacturers of roll rewinding and slitting equipment. Also have used and rebuilt machines.

SVIT USA - Used and Rebuilt rolls slitters, rewinders and other heavy machinery.

Utica Mills Equipment - Manufacturers of roll slitters other equipment for the textile industry.

Ebay - You can normally find several slitters both new and used on Ebay. Also, try doing an advanced search for old auctions. Select "completed auctions". This will give you more choices.

Craigslist Search Engine - Search all of craigslist at one time from one site. Simple to use. Just type in your keyword(s)and your zip code.

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Some popular brands of rewind roll slitters are Smart Slitters (Genesis), Slitters International, Duesenbury/Dusenbery, Judelson/Judelshon, Lever, Kidder, Tidland, Schmutz, Cameron, Cooper, and ALS Slitters. These companies produce machines ranging from 600 pounds to several tons.

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