Video Page - Boeing Stearman Kaydet Biplane (Training Model A75N1)
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boeing stearman kaydet biplane

This page contains videos of a fully restored 1943 Boeing Stearman Biplane. (see videos below)

The Kaydet is a two-seater biplane introduced by Stearman Aircraft Division of Boeing in 1934. Its simple, rugged construction made it ideal as a trainer for novice pilots for the U.S. Army Air Corps (PT-13/-17) and U.S. Navy (NS/N2S).

The Kaydets had fabric-covered wooden wings and an over-built welded-steel fuselage. Radial engines were used.

Kaydets were widely used airplanes. In addition to sales to the Navy and the Army Air Corps, the trainers were sold to several other countries around the world for both military and civilian uses. Many were still in service in the early 1990s. Their low-level flying ability made them especially for crop dusting.

I have included a link to the main article page and a picture page below.

Additional Pictures of the Stearman (Boeing) Biplane

Picture Page - Additional photos of the Boeing Stearman Kaydet Biplane (Trainer Model A75N1)
Video Page - Videos of the Boeing Stearman Kaydet Biplane (Trainer Model A75N1

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