Parking Lot Striping Machine Review - The Graco Linelazer (laser)

The Graco Line Laser is probably one of the most popular parking lot stripers on the market. Easy to use and maintain while providing you with professional quality lines from the first day.

With its swivel wheel and ergonomic handlebars, it is considered a very user friendly striper. Designed for the striper who is new to the business or for sealcoaters expanding into striping. Graco LineLazers are perfect for parking lot and sealcoat contractors, schools, and park departments. Because of its ease of use and versatility it is an ideal "cross-over" unit for striping both parking lot and sports field applications.

A Graco Line Lazer / Laser will run from $3,500 - $8,000. Depending on the model. The more expensive models feature line layout technology which helps you layout perfectly spaced lines. When used properly this feature can reduce job time and increase precision making your company much more efficient and profitable.

If you want a self propelled parking lot striper you can add the "Line Driver" to your unit. This unit lets you ride and stripe. Self propelled units are generally only used for large parking lots or roads. Most stripers prefer the push type for simplicity and precision.

The Graco Parking lot striper has been a popular choice among professional stripers for decades and will certainly continue to be well into the future.

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