Parking Lot Striping Machine Review - The Graco Thermolazer aka Thermolaser or Thermoplastic Linelazer

The Graco Thermoplastic Line Laser is a new arrival in the world of thermoplastic line striping. Graco has tried to create a machine that is user friendly like their popular Line Lazer paint stripers. Graco is a leader in paint spraying machines but has no prior track record in thermoplastic. They have applied their expertise in paint stripers to their new Thermolazer. The machine looks great but only time will tell if Graco's expertise in paint stripers will carry over into the world of thermoplastic striping. Some of the new thermolazers features are as follows:

* ControlFlow System - Precise material flow control with a squeeze of a lever.
* SplitBead System - Split hopper holds over 90 lbs (40 kg) of beads and dispense system allows fast and flexible line width changes without tools.
* SpringGuard Protection System - Extends spring life plus no-tool removal and installation.
* EasyGlide System - First thermoplastic line striper with dual rear wheels and Fat Track Front Swivel for smooth LineLazer-like handling.
* HighCap Hopper System - 20-50% larger for fewer refills. 300 lbs (136 kg) material capacity.
* SmoothRide Tires - High-load pneumatic tires provide excellent maneuverability and less rolling resistance.
* Optional Double-Bead Drop System Kit installs in minutes.

The swivel wheel is in the front on the Thermolazer which some stripers find a bit cumbersome. Other thermoplastic stripers have the wheel in the back which makes maneuvering easier since the operator is in the back as well.

A Graco ThermoLazer / Laser will run around $14,500. This is about double the price of other thermoplastic stripers so you really need to shop around and compare before making a decision. We have some links below to reviews on comparable thermoplastic stripers that you can use to compare features and prices. When comparing machines make sure to check the total weight. The lighter the machine, the easier it will be to handle.

If you want a self propelled parking lot striper you can add the "Line Driver" to your unit. This unit lets you ride and stripe. Self propelled units are generally only used for large parking lots or roads. Most stripers prefer the push type for simplicity and precision.

The Graco Parking lot striper has been a popular choice among professional stripers for decades and will certainly continue to be well into the future.

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