Finding Parking Lot Striping Paint
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In this article I want to cover the sometimes difficult task of locating parking lot striping paint or traffic paint at a reasonable price. The information in this article is something that paint stores do not want you to know. They would prefer you purchase your traffic / striping paint from them at $15 - $20 per gallon versus you getting it on your own and paying $5 - $10 per gallon. I will also tell you how to get your paint to dry quicker in cool weather or at night. This will keep you from having to purchase more expensive quick dry paint.

Since this article is written for parking lot striping companies it goes without saying that you will be going through a lot of paint. Much more striping paint than a typical paint store will go through. They carry it for the casual user who just needs a gallon or five. Commercial parking lot stripers should never have to pay full price.

To find a supplier simply visit several local paint stores (not national chains) and ask to see their traffic paints. Turn the bucket around and look for the manufacturer. Since paint is very heavy and expensive to ship the traffic paint manufacturer will normally be within driving distance. Write down the name of the company, call them, and set up an account. You will find that their prices will be around $6 per gallon.

To get your paint to dry faster simply add alcohol to it. This is only applicable to water based or water borne traffic paints. Don't try adding alcohol to oil based paints. We use Isopropol Alcohol from Walmart but you can also use other types. I use about 16 ounces per 5 gallons of paint. It is a good idea to either check with the striping paint manufacturer about what alcohol is most compatible or do some tests yourself to determine compatibility. I have been doing this for years and have not had the first problem. But again, make sure you test it out on a quart or so first.

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