Parking Lot Striping Machine Review - The Trueline Parking Lot Paint Striping Machine by Trusco Manufacturing


The Trueline Line Striper is an easy to use and very affordable alternative to the more expensive gasoline powered paint stripers. Unlike the Graco, Kelly Creswell, Airlessco and other gasoline machines they are easy to maintain yourself with no shop fees required. The Trueline striping machines utilize a pressure tank where thinned paint is pressurized and forced into a paint box that slides along the ground. The box provides for a nice clean line even in high winds.

There are several Trueline model and each comes in a 5 gallon and a 10 gallon version. (with the exception of the model 20 which comes in a 4 gallon version only) Listed below are the available Trueline machines:

Models Available: (click on model for picture)
Model 20 - Pump up striper - $735.00
Model 250 (battery powered) - starting at $1,998.00
Model 250N (Nitrogen powered) - $1,595.00 (this is the model that we use)
Model 350N (Nitrogen powered-10 gallon tank)- $1,995.00
Model 220 & 250 APT (compressed air) - starting at $1,785.00
Spray gun - $290.00
Glass Bead Dispenser - $595.00
Solvent Cleaning System - $265.00
Double Line Attachment - $325.00

Specifications common to all models:(except model 20)

Frame - Welded heavy duty iron steel with 5/8" axles.
Wheels - 10" pneumatic tires, heavy duty steel hub, steel ball bearing, load rating of
100 lbs each.
4" Spray Box - Heavy gauge steel, fixed width for precision lines (other widths available)
Drain valve - Drain hose makes cleanup a quick clean job.
9" funnel - 8 quart galvanized funnel with fine mesh aluminum strainer.
Tank Brush - For cleaning inside of paint tank.
Parking Brake - Keeps machine from rolling down hills
Viscosimeter - To measure paint thickness.
Extra Spray tips - For heavier coverage.
Fittings - Brass & stainless steel
98% assembled - Within 30 minutes you are ready to stripe. (very easy to operate)

Trueline stripers have been around since the 60's and are great for small to medium sized parking lots. They will do commercial work but may lack some of the extra features that the more expensive machines have. For putting lines down on the ground they are great. I have personally used the Trueline machine and highly recommend it. I use a roller or separate sprayer for curbs but it has never been a problem. It is a real workhorse. If you are looking for a very economical way to stripe either your own parking lots or do some commercial work then the Trueline Paint Striper is a machine to look into.


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