Parking Lot Striping Business - Making Straight Lines and Curves
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In this article I want to cover the sometimes difficult task of painting straight lines and curves with your striping machine. Contrary to popular belief a striping machine will not by itself lay down a straight line. Nor will it create curves by itself. Whether striping straight lines or curves it is important to have something to follow to create your line.

For straight lines you can do one of three things.

First, if the line you are restriping is already straight simply set your spray tip at the beginning of the line and follow the line keeping your eye focused on the edge of the old line and your spray tip.

Secondly, you can pop a chalk line and use that as your guide.

Thirdly, pull a cord down the line and follow it with the machine.

For curves you will need to use a different method. Premark the curve using dashes or dots made with paint or chalk. The spray wands that hold the inverted cans work great for this purpose. To get perfect arcs take a string and anchor it into the asphalt on one end and tie a piece of chalk to the other end. Walk the chalk around making marks as you go. Once your dashes or dots are in place, double check your line and then take your machine and simply connect the dots. In all of these methods our can lay a roofing shingle at the beginning and end of the line to mark the beginning and end of the line and to make the ends of the lines square.

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