Parking Lot Striping Business - Marketing your Business

In this article I want to cover the task of effectively marketing your parking lot striping business. Once you have all your equipment and are experienced using it you will need to get jobs. This is sometimes easier said than done. Getting work involves two things. Number one, people that need your service must find out about you. Number two, they must be presented a bid for the job and accept it.

To get potential customers to call you simply follow these easy steps. First, drive around town and make a list of parking lots that need striping. Record the addresses. Everywhere you go you should be on the lookout for lots. Once you have a list, go to the property appraisers site on your computer and enter the property address to get the propery owners name and address. Send them a nice letter stating that you stripe parking lots along with your card. For shopping centers simply call the number on the "for lease" signs in the windows of vacant units and send a letter to the management company that handles the project. For hospitals, malls, factories, etc... just send a letter to the business and mark it attention "Maintenance Supervisor". This type of target marketing will get you all the jobs you can handle.

When doing bids make sure your bid sheet is neat and professional. Break out the different parts of the job without giving too much detail or making it confusing. Give the customer all the information they need to make a decision. Put your business license , insurance and workers comp info on the letter at the bottom so they know these items are covered.

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